sulu-ocaml-core / base / variantslib /

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
ysulsky avatarysulsky
minor fixes and stricter compile options throughout the tree
ysulsky avatarysulsky
Markus Mottl avatarMarkus Mottl
Fixed package names
ysulsky avatarysulsky
variantslib minor fixes
ysulsky avatarysulsky
support for building packages
ysulsky avatarysulsky
upgrade to type_conv 3.0.5 and oasis 0.3
ysulsky avatarysulsky remove before patching it
Yaron Minsky avatarYaron Minsky
Merged in bitbckt/ocaml-core (pull request #1)
Brandon Mitchell avatarBrandon Mitchell
Use /usr/bin/env bash in lieu of /bin/bash in scripts.
ysulsky avatarysulsky
clean up the build scripts, don't depend on a patched oasis
ysulsky avatarysulsky
auto export
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