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-#python ../test/
+python ../test/
 python ../test/
-#python ../test/
-#rm -f ../test/test_slab
-#rm -f ../test/test_util
-#gcc -std=c99 -pedantic -Wall -W -lm ../test/test_base.c ../test/test_slab.c ../src/slab.c -o ../test/test_slab -D LC_TEST -I ../src/ && ../test/test_slab
-#gcc -std=c99 -pedantic -Wall -W -lm ../test/test_base.c ../test/test_util.c ../src/util.c -o ../test/test_util -D LC_TEST -I ../src/ && ../test/test_util
+python ../test/
+rm -f ../test/test_slab
+rm -f ../test/test_util
+gcc -std=c99 -pedantic -Wall -W -lm ../test/test_base.c ../test/test_slab.c ../src/slab.c -o ../test/test_slab -D LC_TEST -I ../src/ && ../test/test_slab
+gcc -std=c99 -pedantic -Wall -W -lm ../test/test_base.c ../test/test_util.c ../src/util.c -o ../test/test_util -D LC_TEST -I ../src/ && ../test/test_util
 echo "*** AUTOTESTS finished."
 sleep 10000
 [+] TEST: more delete related tests especially in memleaks.
 [+] show the rlimit hardlimit of the system like we do in esserver.
 [+] any optimization window for malloc()'s?
-[-] TEST/INSPECT: dynamic alloc. failures.(OUT_OF_MEMORY)
+v0.1 Build 5
 [-] squeeze connection structures.
+[-] DEFERRED:TEST/INSPECT: dynamic alloc. failures.(OUT_OF_MEMORY)
 [-] any way to exclude math.h that requires -lm dependency for the linker?
 [-] lightcache clients shall be moved to clients folder. Maybe later make another rep.
     for all of them. tests will have dependencies on them.