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-[*] TEST: MACOSx and 64 bit needed as we cast long to uintptr_t
-[+] TEST: llvm-gcc with WShorten64to32.
-[*] Any way to get CPU time with the long known mt problem, where run() is not exiting and ttot stays
-    0.000000. -- No way
-[+] we have some problems on fnames when yappi test/ is run. string formatting issues again...
-[+] We need to have to revisit string formatting functions again. There are a lot of repetitive code.
-[+] invalid sort_type for threads.. revisit sort and limit params.
-[+] can generate the sort error write a TC for that.
-[+] make full_name like : module:lineno function, maybe use same syntax in callgrind output.
-[+] add support for using wall time for profiling. Lots of people download v0.53.
-[+] clock type shall be saved in save(), merging two different profile results with different clock types is
-    ambigous, prevent that.
-[-] make sort order+sort type normal strings for more readability and easy calling.
-[-] maybe add a pause/resume functionality for _yappi. When wee retrieve the stats and the profiler is on user is
-    shown the internal functions used by yappi. These should be discarded?
-[-] Test debug build after merging the wackou branch.
-[-] add saving as pstat format.
-[-] add stat tests and re-TEST again. add pstat tests.
-[-] stat[4] = 2 will not set the relevant attr. stat.ttot calls the __setitem__ however, stat[4] = 2 does not update stat.ttot