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PSTAT format comments on the implementation

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     _idx_max = 0
     def get(self):
         file = open(path, "wb")
         pickle.dump((self._stats, self._clock_type), file)
+    def _save_as_PSTAT(self, path):
+        """
+        Save the profiling information as PSTAT. For this, we first need to convert our internal
+        self._stats list (YSTAT type) to PSTAT. So there are some differences between the 
+        statistics parameters. The PSTAT format is as following:
+        PSTAT expects a dict entry as following:
+        stats[("mod_name", line_no, "func_name")] = \
+            total_call_count, actual_call_count, total_time, cumulative_time, 
+            {("mod_name", line_no, "func_name") : total_call_count}
+        Note that in PSTAT the total_time spent in the function is called as cumulative_time and 
+        the time spent in the function as total_time. From Yappi's perspective, this means:
+        total_time = tsub
+        cumulative_time = ttot
+        Other than that we hold called functions in a pfofile entry as named 'children'. On the
+        other hand, PSTAT expects to have a dict of callers of the function. So we also need to 
+        convert the information to that.       
+        PSTAT only expects to have the above dict to be saved.
+        """
+        pass
     def _save_as_CALLGRIND(self, path):
         Writes all the function stats in a callgrind-style format to the given