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Updating a row.

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   if isinstance(entry, gdata.spreadsheet.SpreadsheetsList):
     print 'Inserted!'
+def ListUpdateAction(gd_client, key, wksht_id, index, row_data):
+  feed = gd_client.GetListFeed(key, wksht_id)
+  entry = gd_client.UpdateRow(feed.entry[index], row_data)
+  if isinstance(entry, gdata.spreadsheet.SpreadsheetsList):
+    print 'Updated!'
-ListInsertAction(client, 'tKnk_EV0PilPVqFqX_IMvVg', 'default', {'key':'value'})
+# Here 'key' is the name of each column of the spreadsheet. It appears to be
+# case insensitive.
+#ListInsertAction(client, 'tKnk_EV0PilPVqFqX_IMvVg', 'default', {'key':'value'})
+# 'index' is zero-based.
+ListUpdateAction(client, 'tKnk_EV0PilPVqFqX_IMvVg', 'default', 1, {'key':'new value'})
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