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Automated commit !

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 rm -r ./files/*
 # Copy the files
-cp -v ~/.vimrc ./files/vimrc
+cp -v ~/.vimrc ./files/.vimrc
+cp -v ~/.hgrc ./files/.hgrc
 # Commit files to Mercurial brahma!!
 hg add .
+; editor used to enter commit logs, etc.  Most text editors will work.
+editor = vim 
+username = Sundar <>
+convert = 

File files/.vimrc

+set tabstop=2 shiftwidth=2 expandtab
+set scrolloff=999 "Set cursor at middle of screen, than at bottom while scrolling.
+set cindent
+set smartindent
+set autoindent
+set expandtab
+set tabstop=2
+set shiftwidth=2
+set nocompatible
+set nu "Set Line number
+syntax on
+set ic
+set hls
+set lbr
+colorscheme delek