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StickyNotes on MochiWeb with WebMachine 1.+ layer

If you have working Erlang/OTP installation, the repository is immediately ready to run.


This is a successful attempt to compile StickyNotes (Hughes Waroquier from BeeBole), keeping in mind the remarks of Justin Sheehy. The initial compilation was done by justin for the "original" Webmachine release, and the current project is using the latest Webmachine - younger than 1.0. There are essential calling convention changes which needed to be taken care of.

  • The StickyNotes is now RESTful! It took a bit to add PUT/DELETE to application.js and change the notes:read. Here is the essence:
HTTP MethodIs Used ForThe URL exampleComment
GETinitial read of all notes/notes/all or /notes/idGET notes/123 does give you the individual record with id=123, but the StickyNotes app does not use that
PUTupdate the note/notes/idthe note ID is generated on the server, so we use POST for creates
DELETEdelete the notes/notes/id /notes/all will just return OK for now
POSTcreate a new note/notesthe initial note attributes are submitted from the browser


All releases cloned or downloaded are supposed to be ready to execute with no need to re-compile.

ReleaseKey updates
0.2 - RESTfulThe full set of HTTP methods is used to manage the notes DB. Slight changes to notes.erl and application.js to pass values. Admin page is improved: Allows you to switch Trace on/off/view during the run-time.
0.1 - initial mergeThere was only mininal change set, just to get the StickyNotes run under WebMachine / MochiWeb.

Go ahead and try the latest

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