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-=== In Brief ===
+=== StickyNotes + WebMachine. Initial merge. ===
+==== Release 0.1 features ====
 # GET and POST requests are controlled by separate resources, one to serve static files and another one to serve the //notes// data
 # The newest Webmachine stores Dispatch in the priv/dispatch.conf, so to serve static files smoothly the extra routine was added to the supervisor
 # The very StickyNotes app was left intact, both the client and the server parts. 
 {{HTTPclientsm.png|HTTP client}}
-=== Next steps? ===
+==== Next steps? ====
 # pass the read-only action //read_all// through the GET. For that the client portion of the StickyNotes needs to be slightly updated.
 # add some authentication mechanism to allow different layers of access. 
 # add ETAG generation and analysis to help prevent concurrent content updates.
 # replace the basic "notes" functionality by ... virtually anything
-=== More Light ===
 ==== JSON - notes ====
 The //priv/dispatch.conf// looks like
 History: [[o_one|The initial merge of StickyNotes with WebMachine.]]
 = WebCandy goes RESTFul =
-==== In This Version 0.2 ====
+==== Release 0.2 changes: ====
 # static and DB requests are served by separate resources. 
 # The supervisor was rolled back to its original, for relative paths are supported, see below for the Dispatch.conf