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 from bottle import Bottle, mako_view, request, debug, redirect
-from pymongo import Connection
 import random
-def load_config():
-    c = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
-    return c
+from common import config,dbconn
-config = load_config()
-dbconn = Connection(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_host'), config.getint('MongoDB', 'mongo_port'))
-dbconn.chrino.authenticate(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_username'), config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_password'))
 MAX_CITIES = dbconn.chrino.cities.count()
 cityapp = Bottle()
+import ConfigParser
+from pymongo import Connection
+def load_config():
+    c = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
+    return c
+config = load_config()
+dbconn = Connection(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_host'), config.getint('MongoDB', 'mongo_port'))
+dbconn.chrino.authenticate(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_username'), config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_password'))


 from bottle import Bottle, request, redirect, debug, mako_view, redirect, run
 from openid.consumer import consumer
 from import filestore
-from pymongo import Connection as mongo
-def load_config():
-    config = ConfigParser.RawConfigParser()
-    return config
+from common import config,dbconn as m
-config = load_config()
-m = mongo(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_host'), config.getint('MongoDB', 'mongo_port'))
-m.chrino.authenticate(config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_username'), config.get('MongoDB', 'mongo_password'))
 userapp = Bottle()
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