Steven Suwatanapongched committed 69a6d97

Added well for sidebar. Changed to fluid layout-- takes up more of the screen.

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-    <div class="container" style="padding: 0.5em;">
-        <div class="row">
+    <div class="container-fluid" style="padding: 1em;">
+        <div class="row-fluid">
             <div class="span12">
                 <!-- Header -->
                 <div class="row-fluid">
                     <!-- Side Column -->
                     <div class="span3" style="font-size: smaller;">
+                      <div class="well well-small">
                         <b:section id='sidebar' showaddelement='yes'>
                         <b:widget id='HTML2' locked='false' title='Social Me' type='HTML'/>
                         <b:widget id='Label1' locked='false' title='Categories' type='Label'/>
                         <b:widget id='BlogArchive1' locked='false' title='Blog Archive' type='BlogArchive'/>
                         <b:widget id='PopularPosts1' locked='false' title='Popular Posts' type='PopularPosts'/>
+                      </div>