Tarashish Mishra (sunu)

Tarashish Mishra
Pushed to sunu/moin-2.0
091125c pep8 tests: exclude support dir (as in gae branch), to make switching branches easier
9cf6a6b rename create_simple_mapping() acl param names, you may need to update your wikiconfig!
1b78d0d data validation: use output metadata of meta validation, so we aways have some contenttype, fixes KeyError
d126d94 docs: updated (in general + changes for namespace branch merge)
2e2a75a make apidocs
Tarashish Mishra
Pushed to sunu/moin-2.0
a982a8c fix for the 'nsname' KeyError induced due to the merging of namespace branch
6039878 mksupport: create required package files
8143d27 merged default into gae branch
a52e0af Fixes the sub-items related issues, 351 -Nesting sub-items created problem (TypeError: can only concatenate list (not unicode) to list), 335 - Subitems links were not ...
f1d7f77 Fixes 346 (Item Rename allows new name to reuse existing name)