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How to configure WatchFox

WatchFox uses a .properties file just like Minecraft. By default, it will build a configuation that 1. puts the database in a folder in the WatchFox plugin folder 2. enables logging and 3. logs everything except for piston actions and 4. enables auto-updating with full notifications.

A note about MCStats reporting: That feature uses its own plugin folder. Configuring this feature should be done by modifying the yml file in the PluginMetrics folder.

WatchFox supports the following properties:

  • database-dir

    Specifies where the database directory is. By default, this directory is configured to be plugin_dir/WatchFox/database, where plugin_dir is Bukkit's plugin folder.

    If you want to change which directory WatchFox uses, please note the following considerations:

    1. This directory MUST be kept exclusive to WatchFox. WatchFox will assume it is the only agent that modifies files in this directory. As such, it may DELETE arbitrary files and it may CRASH (not really, it'll just give up and quit) if there is a naming conflict.
    2. Unless an absolute path is specified, the folder location is relative to plugin_dir.
    3. WatchFox will NOT create a new directory inside the specified folder. For initial installations, this should be an empty folder.
    4. To override the default database dir, you must create a property called dbdir-warning with the following value I have read the instructions on how to modify the directory field and understand an incorrect setting can cause permanent data loss, including of data unrelated to WatchFox..
  • dbdir-warning

    Used to allow changing where WatchFox stores its files. See property "database-dir".
  • auto-save-interval

    Specifies, in seconds, the interval at which the database is saved (written to disk). By default, this is configured to 300. Values less than 1 will disable auto-saving. See saving more details.
  • block-update-rate

    Specifies, in blocks per second, the rate at which rollbacks will make changes to the world. By default, this is configured to 1000. Values less than 5 will cause WatchFox to perform all updates possible in one sweep. Doing this may cause instability and isn't recommended on slower servers.
  • auto-update

    true/on - Will check for updates and auto-download them, no maintenance required
    check - Will only check if an update is available, will not download
    false/off - Will disable the auto-updater
  • update-notifications

    true/on - Will indicate an update is available in the console and everyone with "watchfox.admin" on join
    console - Will only indicate an update is available/downloaded in the console
    false/off - Will make the updating process silent (if updating is enabled)

    Note: Errors encountered during the update process will always get displayed on the console.
  • basic-logging

    Used to enable/disable the logging included with WatchFox. Should be "true" or "false".

The following are specific logging flags. Their values should be "true" or "false". The default is in parentheses.

  • block-break-logging (true)
  • block-place-logging (true)
  • block-form-logging (true)
  • block-grow-logging (true)
  • block-burn-logging (true)
  • block-explode-logging (true)
  • block-fade-logging (true)
  • bucket-fill-logging (true)
  • bucket-empty-logging (true)
  • entity-break-logging (true)
  • entity-place-logging (true)
  • sign-change-logging (true)
  • player-interact-logging (true)
  • player-join-logging (true)
  • player-quit-logging (true)
  • player-chat-logging (true)
  • player-command-logging (true)
  • player-teleport-logging (true)
  • item-drop-logging (true)
  • item-pickup-logging (true)
  • player-kill-logging (true)
  • player-slain-logging (true)
  • container-transaction-logging (true)
  • piston-extend-logging (true)
  • piston-retract-logging (true)
  • block-push-logging (true)

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