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WatchFox / test

Speed Test

WatchFox versus the competition

The performance test used was blowing up a WorldEdit inserted block of TNT 3472 large. Roughly 81,000 blocks were exploded. The Bukkit timings were reset, and the tnt then ignited. The following stats were achieved running CraftBukkit 1.3.2 with 4 GB of RAM on Windows 7 x64 on a i7 2600k CPU @ 4.7 GHz with the datastores of all three plugins on a Patriot Wildfire 120GB. (This system is extremely fast)

All plugins were their most recent version as of October 5th, 2012.

The data usage metric was obtained by determining the size of all data files after the server had been /stop'ed. This statistic does not include file system overhead (normally seen from "size on disk"). The CPU usage metric was obtained using Bukkit's built-in /timings feature.

Data usage

WatchFox856 KB
CoreProtect6,677 KB
SWatchdog3,627 KB

CPU usage

WatchFox105 milliseconds
CoreProtect1407 milliseconds
SWatchdog5336 milliseconds

I'll let the data speak for itself.

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