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 cat << EOT
-Usage: ${BIN} [options] [DIRECTORY]
+remove dangling symlinks and empty directories
+  ${BIN} [PATH] [options]
   ${BIN} - remove dangling symlinks and empty directories
-  ${BIN} [ options ] [ DIRECTORY ]
+  ${BIN} [ PATH ] [ options ]
   Enforces the absence of dangling symbolic links; i.e., symbolic links
   pointing to targets which no longer exist.
   The ${BIN} program searches the directory tree descended from
-  the current directory or the DIRECTORY rooted at the path given
+  the current directory or the directory rooted at the PATH given
   as an optional argument, for dangling symlinks, and removes
   them. Use the --directory option to remove symlinks that point to
   directories. Finally, it removes all empty directories in that
 	# options banner
 	options=$(cat << EOT
+  -d, --directory           remove symlinks to directories
   -h, --help                display usage guide
   -V, --version             display version and copyright information
-  -d, --directory           remove symlinks to directories
   -m, --manual              output manual text)
 	# policy: acceptable options
 	if [ $? != 0 ]; then echo "Try \`${BIN} --help' for more information." >/dev/stderr; exit 1; fi
 	# init flags
-	is_rm_dir=
+	opt_is_rm_dir=
 	# parse options
 	eval set -- "${opts}"
 	    case "${1}" in
 	    -h|--help) usage;;
 	    -V|--version) version;;
-	    -d|--directory) is_rm_dir=1; shift;;
+	    -d|--directory) opt_is_rm_dir=1; shift;;
 	    -m|--manual) manual;;
 	       --) shift; break;;
 	    *) echo "internal error: uncaught option \`${1}'" >/dev/stderr; exit 2;;
 	${error:?exited with exit code ${RETVAL-$?}}
-	test ${is_rm_dir} && remove_directory_symlinks
+	test ${opt_is_rm_dir} && remove_directory_symlinks
 #! /usr/bin/env python
 # encoding: utf-8
+# Geany 0.18
 # Erik Southworth, 2009, 2010 (s6v)
     conf.env['GAWK'] = gawk
 @extension('.man .man0p .man1 .man1p .man2 .man3 .man3p .man4 .man5 .man6 .man7 .man8 .mann')
-def process_txt2man(self, node):
+def process_txt2man(self, node, ext=None):
     # """use e.g., ext='.1' or if None then the
     # extension is determined by slicing [man:x]."""
 			'REVISION'	: Utils.g_module.REVISION,
 		install_path	= '${BINDIR}',
-		mode			= 0755
+		chmod			= 0755
 	bld.add_group('------> Build manuals <-----')
 import os
 import shutil
+APPNAME = 'cleanlinks'
 NAME = 'CleanLinks'
-VERSION = '1.5'
+VERSION = '1.5.1'
 RELEASE = '2009,2010'
-REVISION = '30 May 2010'
+REVISION = '18 July 2010'
-srcdir = '.'
-blddir = 'build'
+top = '.'
+out = 'build'
 def set_options(opt):
 	#~ opt.tool_options('gnu_dirs')
 def configure(conf):
 	conf.check_tool(['gnu_dirs', 'misc'])
+	# runtime requirements
 	conf.find_program('getopt', mandatory=True)
 	conf.find_program('find', mandatory=True)
 def dist_hook():
-	shutil.copy2('/usr/bin/waf', '.')
-	dir = os.path.join(os.pardir, blddir, 'default/src/')
+	# pkg man pages
+	dir = os.path.join(os.pardir, out, 'default/src/')
 	shutil.copy2(dir+'cleanlinks.1', 'src')
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