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.. contents::


GameCreate is a powerful game server management software solution (or "game
panel"), that allows game service administrators to manage all of their services
from a single web interface.


* Control game servers from a single web interface
* Simple server configuration with built-in support for dozens of titles
* Install and update game software with packages provided by the GameCreate team
* Built-in FTP server makes it easy for users to upload maps or modifications
* 24x7 monitoring keeps servers running around the clock
* Extensive statistics in graph and table form
* Unique 'temporary servers' feature lets your users have their own server for a few hours


A GNU/Linux system or compatible is needed.

There is nothing to compile, so no compilers are needed.

    Conforming to: Red Hat
        (you may need to tweak the build package for your system.
        Please submit any useful tweaks to the authors. Thanks.)

        * coreutils
        * util-linux
        * uncompress(gzip)
        * tar

      abi: ELF32(SysV x86)
      file: /bin/sh
      trove: initscripts:runtime
      soname: ELF32/ GLIBC_2.1 GLIBC_2.1.3 GLIBC_2.2.3 GLIBC_2.2.4 SysV x86)
      soname: ELF32/ GLIBC_2.1 SysV x86)


Installing is done by the following three commands::

    $ ./configure
    $ make
    # make install (as root)

Run ``./configure``, with some options if you wish. The standard options
are documented in the INSTALL file. The most recommended ones are
the usual ``--prefix=/usr``, ``--localstatedir=/var``, ``--sysconfdir=/etc``.
Use the ``./preconfigure`` script to quickstart the build using these settings.

For more configuration details run::

    $ ./configure --help

If there are any errors during compilation, check your build environment
and try to find the error, otherwise file a bug-report on the issue tracker
or contact one of the authors.

These files will be installed.

    * ${prefix}/games/gameserver/gamecreate
    * ${prefix}/games/gameserver/gamecreate.ini (EDIT ME)
    * ${sysconfdir}/init.d/gamecreate
    * ${sysconfdir}/gamecreate.ini -> ${prefix}/games/gameserver/gamecreate.ini (symlink)
    * ${localstatedir}/log/gamecreate.log
    * ${mandir}/man1/gamecreate.1

File Permissions

Packagers should be aware of some suggested file permissions. GameCreate needs a
directory to write into (configurable from the GameCreate web app). This
package, by default, uses the /gameserver directory. The *games* user and
*games* group are used to restrict privliges and help prevent gamecreate from
writing all over the filesystem. See also: The init-script,
(./etc/init/gamecreate), which uses the *games* runuser to drop privileges at

The following modes are used from source installs (requires root)::

    drwxrwsr-x    1 root     games      /usr/games/gameserver
    -rwxr-xr--    1 games    games      /usr/games/gameserver/gamecreate
    -rw-r--r--    1 games    games      /usr/games/gameserver/gamecreate.ini
    -rwxr-xr-x    1 games    games      /usr/games/gameserver/
    -rw-r--r--    1 games    games      /var/log/gamecreate.log

Multi-user Screen Mode

A stub .screenrc file is privided (see ./extra/games.screenrc) and should be
installed manually. Runuser *games* screen processes will source the .screenrc
config to allow USERS to attach to multi-user screen sessions. Requires screen
setuid *root*.

This file must be installed to the user's $HOME directory (i.e., /usr/games)::

    * ${prefix}/games/.screenrc (EDIT ME)

Packagers should make the screen package own the .screenrc file if built for an
appliance system, otherwise this file is orphaned.


To run ``gamecreate`` just type on a console::

    # service gamecreate start (preferred)
or  # /usr/games/gameserver/gamecreate [options]

There are a few command line options. See the manual page or run for details::

    # gamecreate

Or look into the documention in the doc/ directory.

The first run of ``gamecreate`` must be done manually from the shell to
initialize the configuration file.


GameCreate also runs under Windows. To download the binary
with all necessary files, visit GameCreate's homepage:


This software is distributed under the terms of the MIT License. A copy
of the license can be found in the file COPYING included with the source code of
the program. If not, see <>.

The GameCreate application (found in the subdirectory gamecreate/) has its own
license, which can be found in the file LICENSE included with the program.

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports

Home page:

Primary distribution point:

Ideas, questions, patches and bug reports:

If you add something, or fix a bug, please send a patch (in 'diff -u'
format) to the issue tracker or one of the authors listed below.

------------ -----   -----       ----       ---       --         -
Erik Southworth <erik(dot)southworth(at)gmail(dot)com>