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   --exitdelay <minutes>              exit after X idle minutes
   --exit                             exit when idle for 1 minute
-  junglediskmonitor logs all errors to the GUI. You can double-click
+  junglediskdesktop logs all errors to the GUI. You can double-click
   an error for more details or right-click to copy to the clipboard.
   Manual written by Erik Southworth; referenced from usage and INSTALL file.
 #! /usr/bin/env python
 # encoding: utf-8
+# Geany 0.18
 # Erik Southworth, 2009, 2010 (s6v)
     conf.env['GAWK'] = gawk
 @extension('.man .man0p .man1 .man1p .man2 .man3 .man3p .man4 .man5 .man6 .man7 .man8 .mann')
-def process_txt2man(self, node):
+def process_txt2man(self, node, ext=None):
     # """use e.g., ext='.1' or if None then the
     # extension is determined by slicing [man:x]."""
 #! /usr/bin/env python
 # encoding: utf-8
+# Geany 0.18
 # Erik Southworth, 2009,2010 (s6v)
 import Options
 import os
+import platform
 import shutil
-import platform
+import tarfile
 import urllib
-import tarfile
+APPNAME = 'jungleDisk-desktop'
 NAME = 'JungleDisk Desktop'
-VERSION = '3.06'
+VERSION = '3.08'
 RELEASE = '2009,2010'
-REVISION = '30 May 2010'
+REVISION = '18 July 2010'
 PKGVER = VERSION.replace('.', '')
 srcdir = '.'
 blddir = 'build'
+top = '.'
+out = 'build'
 def set_options(opt):
 		target			= 'junglediskdesktop/junglediskdesktop junglediskdesktop/jungledisk junglediskdesktop/junglediskdesktop.png',
 		rule			= fetch_archive,
-	bld.install_files('${BINDIR}', 'junglediskdesktop/junglediskdesktop', mode=0755)
-	bld.install_files('${BINDIR}', 'junglediskdesktop/jungledisk', mode=0755)
+	bld.install_files('${BINDIR}', 'junglediskdesktop/junglediskdesktop', chmod=0755)
+	bld.install_files('${BINDIR}', 'junglediskdesktop/jungledisk', chmod=0755)
 def dist_hook():
-	shutil.copy2('/usr/bin/waf', os.path.curdir)
-	dir = os.path.join(os.pardir, blddir, 'default/man/')
+	# pkg man pages
+	dir = os.path.join(os.pardir, out, 'default/man/')
 	file = 'jungledisk.1'
 	shutil.copy2(dir+file, 'man')
 	file = 'junglediskdesktop.1'
 	shutil.copy2(dir+file, 'man')
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