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add xdg autostart

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+2010-01-08  Erik Southworth  <>
+ * junglediskdesktop.desktop
+ (build): Added strings for xdg-autostart and updated wscript to perform
+ a duplicate install of the .desktop file.
 The default prefix for this package is:
+The default sysconfdir for this package is:
 Interesting options
   Installation directories:
-    By default, "waf install" will put the files in "/usr/local/bin",
-    "/usr/local/lib" etc. An installation prefix other than "/usr/local"
+    By default, "waf install" will put the files in "/usr",
+    "/usr" etc. An installation prefix other than "/usr"
     can be given using "--prefix", for example "--prefix=$HOME"
-    --prefix=PREFIX     installation prefix (configuration) ['/usr']
+    --prefix=PREFIX     installation prefix (configuration) [/usr]
     --destdir=DESTDIR   installation root []
+    --sysconfdir=SYSCONFDIR
+                            read-only single-machine data [/etc]
 ``configure`` also accepts some other, not widely useful, options.  Run
 ``configure --help`` for more details.
 ------------ -----   -----       ----       ---       --         -
-Erik Southworth, 2009 (s6v)
+Erik Southworth, 2010 (s6v)
+Changes in 3.0n:
+    * JungleDisk Desktop is installed with --prefix=/usr and
+    --sysconfdir=/etc by default.
+    * JungleDisk Desktop will be activated after install to autostart.

File desktop/junglediskdesktop.desktop


File desktop/wscript

 #! /usr/bin/env python
 # encoding: utf-8
-# Erik Southworth, 2009 (s6v)
+# Erik Southworth, 2009,2010 (s6v)
 import Options
 import os
+	bld.install_files('${SYSCONFDIR}/xdg/autostart',
+		'junglediskdesktop.desktop')
 		'jungledisk.png jungledisk-keys.png')
 blddir = 'build'
 def set_options(opt):
-	#~ opt.tool_options('gnu_dirs')
+	opt.tool_options('gnu_dirs')
+	opt.parser.set_defaults(SYSCONFDIR='/etc')
 	opt.add_option('--maintainer', action='store_true', default=False,
 		help='is: maintainer build from VC sources',