Radio Kill Switch
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Most laptops provide the ability for the user to physically disable the radio.
Some vendors have implemented this as a physical switch that requires no
software to turn the radio off and on.  On other laptops, however, the switch
is controlled through a button being pressed and a software driver then making
calls to turn the radio off and on.  This is referred to as a "software based
RF kill switch"

Currently this project provides modules for controlling the software RF kill
switch on the Averatec 5100P and Packard Bell EasyNote E5.  The code may work
on other laptops, but these are the only models on which it has been tested.

To determine if you have a system that might be compatible with one of the
provided SW RF Kill switch modules, you can run:

        To check for the Packard Bell (to use module pbe) --

        % dd if=/dev/mem bs=1 skip=983040 count=65535 2>/dev/null | strings | egrep "NEW-PC|Insyde Software MobilePRO BIOS"

        To check for the Averatec (to use module av5100) --

        % dd if=/dev/mem bs=1 skip=983040 count=65535 2>/dev/null | strings | egrep "AVERATEC"

If you have one of those laptop models you can simply load the av5100/pbe5
module and the radio will be toggled on and off.  In addition, you can turn
the driver on and off by writing either a 1 or 0 to /proc/av5100/radio or
/proc/pbe5/radio.  If you automatically load the av5100/pbe5 module when your
system boots, you may wish to use the radio module parameter to control the
state of the radio upon loading:

        modprobe av5100 radio=0
        modprobe pbe5 radio=0

results in the module loading with the radio turned off.  You can then turn the
radio on by:

        echo 1 > /proc/av5100/radio
        echo 1 > /proc/pbe5/radio

If you have a SW RF kill switch and can not use one of the above modules,
please join us on IRC ( on channel #ipw2100 and someone may
be able to help.