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+Changes in 50:
+  o Code Changes:
+    * Added: Use 'steam --interactive [args]' to drop to console(steamcmd);
+        for CS-GO or use 'steam console [args]'. -enjoy
+    * Changed: Some short options are changed to accomodate the console.
 Changes in 49:
   o Code Changes:
     * Fixed: Removed line:28. Posix shopt caused errors.
 Changes in 48:
   A major new version of steam(HldsUpdateTool) has been released.
   o Code Changes:
-    * Added: use --nobootstrapupdate to not check for updates to the
+    * Added: Use --nobootstrapupdate to not check for updates to the
         update tool.
     * Added: More short options are available. However, this is discouraged
         for use in scripts because it makes them unreadable.