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Add Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server Support

Erk OwN avatarErk OwN created an issue

Hey Guys,

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming out soon, and I believe the dedicated server beta files are available. Is there any chance you could add support for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in an upcoming release? Also, this probably isn't the right place to ask this, but do we follow the typical installation guide when updating an older version of steam-boiler, or is there an upgrade guide?

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  1. Erik Southworth

    (Reply via

    1) The steamcmd tool for CS-GO is already built into the TIP branch. I just haven't made a release because I don't have access to the beta files to test it. It requires login permissions to use for now. Valve never releases anything on schedule so I wouldn't expect anything for general release until Christmas. I'll make a release if it goes public, for sure.

    2) An upgrade just over-writes the older files. It's nothing complicated. Just install like usual. Or uninstall the old, from source, & install the new version, from source.

  2. Erik Southworth

    I made release 49.1 with console support. If you have a valid login to access the beta dedicated server you can download the content files. Otherwise, you must wait until the public release just like I am. EDIT: I guess the server is finally public. Go & get it.

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