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Boiler Man Page

info:Download steam-boiler_ to install steam and boiler.
Author: Erik Southworth
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description:Linux Reference Manual


boiler - steam program wrapper


The boiler script is a wrapper for the steam program and as an alias for the the steam program, provides convenient extensions and gives users access to the steam program from a single, central installation.

The boiler program will install a copy of the steam program to the steam configuation directory as required, then, execute and pass option arguments to the steam program.

To enable automatic server updates; as when using the -autoupdate option of the hlds_run or srcds_run (run-script); boiler will create the steam symbolic link, in the directory local to the run-script.


These are alternative extensions to steam(6):


View listing of available games:

:command:`steam` list

Install or update Counter-Strike Source located in user $HOME/gameserver/srcds directory:

:command:`steam` update css ~/gameserver/srcds


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Written by Erik Southworth