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  steam - Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool
  steam -command CMD [ -game NAME ] [ -dir PATH ] [ options ]
  The steam program is an application that will update an existing
  Half-Life Dedicated Server installation to the latest version or will
  download the latest version (from scratch) if an existing version is
  not found.
  -command CMD
                update <-game NAME>  Install or update dedicated server.
                version              View installed versions.
                list                 View available games.

  -game NAME    Name of game to request from content servers.
                Use -command list to determine a valid option-argument.

  -dir PATH     Path to installation directory. Game content
                is installed in the directory tree rooted at the PATH
                given as an option-argument. If no argument is given,
                the value stored from the last-run-path is used.

                The current directory PATH may be specified using the shell's (dot)
                operator as an option-argument: (e.g., -dir .)

                HLDS and SRCDS engine games must be installed to separate

                Multiple copies of the server can be installed by
                specifying a different PATH in subsequent invocations,
                but to save time/bandwidth downloading files, it's better
                to copy an existing install.

                Even better, than copying a whole directory tree, is to
                use the --symbolic-link (-s) option of the GNU cp utility,
                (e.g., cp -s SOURCE DEST). This creates a shadow directory
                with symbolic links instead of duplicating files. We
                can then safely replace individual symbolic links with
                copies of the actual files we wish to modify. This also
                makes it easy to determine which modifications belong
                to us and require backup.

  -verify_all   Verifies all files are up to date (over-write control).
                This option may cause content files which have been
                edited to be returned to original format. Caution should
                be used to ensure proper backup of any files which have
                been edited, otherwise those modifications may be lost.

  -retry        Automatically retry every 30 seconds if the Steam Network is busy.
  -nobootstrapupdate   Do not check for updates to the update tool.
  -username USERNAME   Steam account username (only needed to access limited content)
  -password PASSWORD   Steam account password (only needed to access limited content)
  -remember_password   Remember password (if a username is supplied)
  View listing of available games:

    $ steam -command list

  Install or update Counter-Strike Source located in user $HOME/gameserver/srcds directory:

    $ steam -command update -game 'counter-strike source' -dir ~/gameserver/srcds
  These are automatically generated as output. In the event of errors
  or corruption, remove them from the system.

  $HOME/Steam/ClientRegistry.blob  Steam client configuration data
  PATH/InstallRecord.blob  Game content installation record
  Manual written by Erik Southworth; referenced from usage and README file.
  Copyright (c) Valve Corporation, 2006  This is non-free software:
  see the LICENSE file included with the software for copying conditions.

  Copyright (c) Erik Southworth, 2009, 2012  This is free documentation:
  copying and distribution of this manual, with or without modification,
  are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
  notice and this notice are preserved.
  boiler(6) cp(1)
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