Steam Boiler / NEWS

Changes in 50:
  o Code Changes:
    * Added: Use 'steam --interactive [args]' to drop to console(steamcmd);
        for CS-GO or use 'steam console [args]'. -enjoy
    * Changed: Some short options are changed to accomodate the console.

Changes in 49:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: Removed line:28. Posix shopt caused errors.
    * Fixed: Removed some bashisms in an attempt to use the Dash shell.
        Gave up that dream & changed shebang to use Bash exclusive.

Changes in 48:
  A major new version of steam(HldsUpdateTool) has been released.
  o Code Changes:
    * Added: Use --nobootstrapupdate to not check for updates to the
        update tool.
    * Added: More short options are available. However, this is discouraged
        for use in scripts because it makes them unreadable.
  o Doc Changes:
    * various: Update manual pages & man docs.
  o Comment: No complaints about the ionice feature have come back, so it
        continues with this version. Is this really needed? It's not
        really "needed", but is it useful? Feedback welcome.

Changes in 45:
  o Code Changes:
    * Added: use ionice IDLE class schuduler to minimize disk thrashing. Use
      --noionice option to disable this operation.
    * Added: colorize the terminal output.
    * Added: --wipe the /appcache folder from /Steam.
  o Doc Changes:
    * various: Counter-Strike: Source now has its own depot at /css.

Changes in 42:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: syntax error with Bash 4 and here-documents. (fatal)
  o Doc Changes:
    * install-hl2mp.rst: Half-Life 2: Deathmatch is now on OB engine.

Changes in 40.1:
  o Code Changes:
    * Changed: --klean option is now --wipe.
    * Changed: steam debug messages are hidden by default. Use --verbose
        option to display extra noise if available.
    * Added: version command searches for appinfo to display from steam.inf
        (find maxdepth is 4) and accepts a PATH argument as a positional
        arg or with the --dir=PATH option. (i.e steam version ~/srcds)
    * Fixed: version command did not verify steambin was installed.(minor)
    * Fixed: failed to exit if command-line parsing had errors. (caused
        by use of 'declare' in optparse{})
  o Build Changes:
    * Added latest hldsupdatetool(aka steam, extracted from
        hldsupdatetool.bin) to dist. This is the latest Bootstrapper
        version at release time. steam will update itself like normal if
        a later version exists.

Changes in 40:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: Exits on error if installdir does not exist.
    * Fixed: Pass -beta option to steambin for incremental beta updates.
        Moved beta help info to --info option.

Changes in 39:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: Wrongly created dangling symbolic links (with -autoupdate)
        by linking to ${BINNAME} and not ${FILENAME}, aka new ${binlink}.

Changes in 36.1:
  o Build Changes:
    * Fixed: Manual pages were created with a cached pkg-string value,
        so the manual version number didn't always match the program
        version. (minor)
    * Added: Html docs are included in the dist pkg.
    * Change: Build with upstream waf instead of custom patched version. :(
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: CONFDIR=~/Steam. Apparently valve changed this from ~/.steam.
        --klean(--wipe since V40.1) option will clean and remove old conf dir.

Changes in 36:
  o Code Changes:
    * Added: --klean(--wipe since V40.1) option removes test*.so objects
        from confdir also.
    * Added: --game option accepts 'css' as an alias for option-argument
        'counter-strike source'.

Changes in 34.8:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: Missing -dir PATH option in cmd feedback display. (minor)
    * Fixed: Handling more than one unrecognized positional parameter
        failed. (minor)
    * Added: --klean(--wipe since V40.1) option can be followed by an
        optional PATH for the -dir option-argument if called as a
        positional parameter. Note: The PATH only affects which
        InstallRecord blob(s) gets removed; find maxdepth is 2.
        ClientRegistry is always removed.
        ( i.e., steam --wipe --dir=~/orange-box/tf or steam wipe ~/orange-box/tf )

Changes in 34.7:
  o Code Changes:
    * Added --klean(--wipe since V40.1) option to remove corrupted or invalid
        ClientRegistry.blob and InstallRecord.blob from installdir path;
        find maxdepth is 2.
    * If last-run-path is not set the -dir defaults to CWD
        even on initial run.

Changes in 34.6:
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: Missing option handlers --verify_all, --retry and
      --remember_password caused failures.

Changes in 34.5:
  o Build Changes:
    * build with waf build system
  o Code Changes:
    * Fixed: add trap for corner case; user would control-c and
        last-run-path(aka ${installdir}) was lost.

Changes in 34.4:
  o Doc Changes:
    * more clarity in manual and usage

Changes in 34.3:
  o Code Changes:
    * Added positional arguments processing, so now,
        commands like 'steam update left4dead ~/orange-box' are valid.

Changes in 34.2:
  o Build Changes:
    * Added hldsupdatetool(aka steam, extracted from hldsupdatetool.bin)
        to dist. This is still the original old one but it will update

Changes in 34.1:
  o Code Changes:
    * Modified option beta to --beta
    * Modified version output; separate output for
      --version vs Steam's '-command version'.