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Installing Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server

info:Download steam-boiler_ to install steam and boiler.
Author: Erik Southworth
Version: |version|
Revision: |today|
description:Linux Reference Manual

Typical Installation in 3 Easy Steps

Assuming you have installed :doc:`Steam-Boiler <install-steam-boiler>` and have logged in to a normal user account. The following shell session demonstrates how a typical installation is accomplished. Open a shell terminal and follow these steps.

1. Make directory (if required) and change directory to where user gameserver downloads are to be stored. Here we call it 'Gameserver'.

  • $ mkdir -pv ~/Gameserver
  • $ cd ~/Gameserver
  1. Download dedicated server files from Valve content servers.
  • $ steam -command update -game 'counter-strike source' -dir ~/Gameserver


Using :doc:`Steam-Boiler <man-boiler>` simplifies the command-line to steam update css ~/Gameserver instead of steam -command update -game 'counter-strike source' -dir ~/Gameserver.

3. Change directory to where the run-script is located and test the dedicated server.

  • $ cd ~/Gameserver/css
  • $ ./srcds_run -game cstrike +map de_dust2 +ip

Use CTRL-C to exit...

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