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Howto Use Steam-Boiler

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Command-line Syntax

The basic command-line syntax is of the following form and conforms to POSIX guidelines.


Arguments surrounded by '<>' denote a required option (i.e. <command>). Those surrounded by '[]' denote optional arguments (i.e. [dir]).

Using steam requires understanding the command-line options. There are several ways to discover this. One is the command's built-in usage guide called help. Another way to learn the options is by reading the manual pages.

Using the --help option

To start using steam just ask for help. This is one of the [options]

  • $ steam --help

To get the full help output use the --verbose option.

  • $ steam --help --verbose


Options are proceeded by the - delimiter character (i.e. steam -help). Steam-Boiler also recognizes options proceeded by the -- delimiter character (i.e. steam --help) and positional arguments for some options (i.e. steam help). Positional arguments omit the delimiter character. The ordering of options using the delimiter character - or -- is unimportant but positional arguments must be given in the order of the usage syntax for Steam-Boiler to understand them.

Option-arguments are denoted in all-capital lettering and are considered variables to be specified by the user. Option-arguments with the = prefix are considered required. (i.e. --dir=PATH would be used as --dir=/home/user/orange-box or --dir /home/user/orange-box)

The original help text is also available but is not so clearly read. Just use the steam command with NO options.

  • $ steam


The original steam command does not understand any options using other than the - delimiter character (i.e. -command list).

Using the --command option

From the 'help' usage guide it's clear that the first command-line argument must be a command. This is a required argument even though it's still considered a command-line option. There are three available commands to choose from. update, version & list. These are the 'command' option-arguments and it is required to choose one. The update option-argument requires a game be specified as well.

Using the --command list option-argument

The list option-argument is used to show available games that can be installed.

  • $ steam --command list

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