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2011-10-02  Erik Southworth  <>

txt2man-1.5.8	02 October 2011

 * makefile: Remove makefile from package. Now generated from
			 configure with more install options.
 * configure: Added configure file to generate a makefile. This is
		      to better support automated packaging tools. Also
		      changed html docs to generate from man2html program.
 * txt2man: minor edit to usage for cleaner manpage display output.

2009-10-19  Erik Southworth  <>

txt2man-1.5.7	19 October 2009

 * txt2man: grab title from filename with any extension, not just .txt.

2009-09-15  Erik Southworth  <>

txt2man-1.5.6	16 September 2009

 * txt2man: allow override $rel variable
 * book2man: fix bashisms, fix call to zcat
 * Makefile: add $mandir variable

txt2man-1.5.5	21-mar-2007

* txt2man: correct layout of C structures in synopsis
* src2man: genrate manpages for C types/struct definitions

txt2man-1.5.4	16-mar-2007

* bookman: Added copyright
* src2man: Added copyright. Fix cover page handling. Add origin
  comment in generated manpages.

txt2man-1.5.3	15-mar-2007

* bookman: better handling of header and footers of cover page.
* src2man: date can now be set.
* txt2man: date can now be set. Better handling of C function prototypes.

txt2man-1.5.2	28-feb-2007

* txt2man: fix synopsis handling.

txt2man-1.5.1	25-oct-2006

* src2man: search if the function prototype is defined in corresponding
           '.h' include file, and if yes, add a '#include "file.h"'
           statement in synopsis.
* src2man: allow to force SYNOPSIS sections in comment blocks.
* bookman: reads the file list from stdin in no arg is supplied.
* Makefile: specify commands path (in current dir) when generating doc.

txt2man-1.5	16-oct-2006

* txt2man: fix indentation.
* bookman: new command to generate a book from manpages.
* src2man: new command to extract manpages from source files.
* Makefile: update and fix rules.

txt2man-1.4.8	07-jul-2003

* txt2man: fix a bug in tag list parsing (bug discovered by Fredrik Steen)
* txt2man: fix a bug in parsing spaces in empty lines
* Makefile: Create install target directories, if not there

txt2man-1.4.7	06-jan-2003

* fix gawk --lint warnings (from Eric Moors)
* fix a warning for an escape sequence (from Juergen Daubert)

txt2man-1.4.6	16-dec-2002
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