Sweave and TikZ Poster

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Rick Barnard created an issue

Pascal and I got a bug request from someone regarding the old version of the class. Apparently, in using Sweave (which we'd never heard of as we don't use R) the .png files with the template get scaled funny? Does anyone know how to test this? I have no familiarity with it, but if it's something we could fix easily, it'd be nice to know. I'm not sure if the new version would have this problem (we had a lot of bug fixes). Best, Rick

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  1. Dirk Surmann repo owner

    I talked to a colleague who uses Sweave. He said there should be no problem at all. However, is it possible to get a minimal working example from the person with the problem? If not, I will create a poster with a graphic using R and Sweave.

  2. Rick Barnard reporter

    The email the guy sent me is gone, it seems, so I can't reach him for an MWE, unfortunately...

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