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Alberto Nai Oleari
created an issue

Hi all and thank you for your work. I would like to report that the package tikzposter does not install properly on Miktex 2.9.5105 on Windows Platform. Package manager seems to complete the installation but is not able to execute properly the macro tikzposter.ins and then no additional file (like the templates and so on) is created. I tried running manually the installation script but an error is displayed:

Generating file(s) ./tikzposter.cls ./tikzposterColorstyles.tex ./tikzposterCol orpalettes.tex ./tikzposter-template.tex ./tikzposter-example.tex ./tikzposterB ackgroundstyles.tex ./tikzposterBlockstyles.tex ./tikzposterInnerblockstyles.te x ./tikzposterNotestyles.tex ./tikzposterTitlestyles.tex ./tikzposterLayoutthem es.tex ! Cannot find file tikzposter.dtx. \readsource ...ot find file \uptospace #1 \qStop } \else \processedLines \z@ ... l.49 }

Is there a workaround or a fix for this issue?

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  1. Rick Barnard

    I've tried on a few machines in Windows, and I've not been able to reproduce. I've tried using a couple of machines with Miktex and the package manager has always installed the class okay. The output listed suggests the .dtx wasn't in the same folder as the .ins file, which is the only thing i could think of as causing that problem.

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