Issue #2 resolved
Dirk Surmann repo owner created an issue


Possibility to change the number of columns.

Set number of columns: same column width

Set width of each column: \hfill for the space between the columns

List of parameters

  • number of columns: [1 to 4 or 5]
  • margins of the columns
    Alternative: Defined by margins of blocks
  • column width (optional): in percent of page width or absolut values. Overwrites horizontal space between columns
  • vertikal lines between columns: [on / off], [width], [color]

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Barnard

    We kept the columns as before in this version. So you don't decide beforehand how many columns and the columns' widths are still either absolute values (e.g. 5 cm) or relative to width of poster. We didn't add vertical lines option, but you could after this, add the lines yourself in the background? The columns margins are defined by the spacing formats, as before. I'm not sure how easy it would be to do the lines. The \hfill idea is hard since we now allow the blocks to break the alignment and the blocks don't have the same number in the different columns; also these are tikz nodes and I don't know how/if one can use the \hfill...

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