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Dirk Surmann repo owner created an issue


A free TikZ image or pdf can be loaded to cover the background

Parameter list

  • TikZ image
  • OR pdf / jpg / png image with the options available in includegraphics possibly: load many images like in figure environment and adjust them with e.g. \hfill or in tabular environment
  • global width / height (optional)
  • offset of the whole background (optional)

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Barnard

    We could do the following: Keep the default background and allow for you to overwrite the background with TikZ code. Then you can insert your TikZ code in a command in your poster file, say something like \backgroundcode which of course would allow you to code images using a node with \includegraphics.

  2. Dirk Surmann reporter

    That sounds good! I think we can use this solution at the header etc.

    Would you add a "Solution" section to the first post?

  3. Rick Barnard

    New class allows for you to write your own tikzcode for the background, including \includegraphics. This is either in the preamble with \setbackground or in a stored file called with \usebackground.

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