Subcolumns are not properly spaced

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I have been experimenting with tikzposter for an upcoming conference. I noticed that subcolumns are not properly aligned with respect to the parameter subcolspace.

I used the example, and set the subcolumns' widths to .4 and .6 as in the text, instead of the default .45 and .5.

You can see that the spacing between subcolumns is not 8mm as given in the document options. unmodified.png

To fix this problem, I removed all references to \blockinnersep in the subcolumn/subcolumns section: modified.png

I am not sure that removing altogether innersep is a good idea, but if it is, I'll be happy to submit a PR with those changes.

This is the patch:

 % --------------------------------------- %
 % Subcolumns environment

 % Subcolumn
\gdef\subcolumn#1{  % #1: relative width

 % --------------------------------------- %
 % Affection

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