Issue #4 resolved
Dirk Surmann repo owner created an issue


Displays the content in a box

Parameter list

  • Background [color, image, tikz-picture]
  • Header Background[color, image, tikz-picture] Contains a placeholder for the header
  • Header [font specification, position (left, center, right)]
  • Border [color, line width, rectangular/round corner]

Comments (3)

  1. Rick Barnard

    What we decided is to make this totally free. Blocks are aligned on the column, but can be shifted and have width adjusted. The design of the block can be changed via the \setblockstyle in the doc or a saved command for this can be inputted with \useblockstyle. This way, we can store different block styles for the user and they can write their own behavior if they want. Making these all available as parameters was a bit too cumbersome if we wanted to make it also somewhat user-friendly.

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