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Hallo @All,

I found a post on stackexchange with the same idea we are working on: http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/120898/creation-of-a-new-poster-template Should we answer to this topic?

Best Dirk

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  1. Rick Barnard

    I think that's a good idea. I'm stilling working on things. Sorry for the delay, just juggling lots of work projects at the moment.

  2. Dirk Surmann reporter

    I answered the thread. It was not my intension to stress you. Take your time. However, perhaps there are new ideas which can help to improve our class.

  3. Elena Botoeva

    Once we have something I could also put a note on it on my website. Actually, quite many people (in average, once a week in the last two months) write me asking about or thanking for the template. But I didn't want to mention our new project since it is not clear when we would have a first usable version.

  4. Dirk Surmann reporter

    I think it made sense to mention it in this thread, so that people do not work on the same things without knowing of each other.

    When we have our first version, I will tell my faculty about this class. Currently we have about four different drafts, which have their difficulties.

  5. Rick Barnard

    I didn't, but it looks like it would be possible to incorporate the look pretty immediately in. The functionality looks like it's close to what we had in the old version, where things were pretty ordered. Fewer fancy options like with Elena's.

    Regarding announcing: I think we could have a usable version very shortly. I need to sort out how to implement the title stuff in Questions.txt; I wanted to contact Pascal, but he's currently on extended leave. I can do it myself, and if it isn't elegant, he can push a fix later to clean it up.

    Once we have a couple of working themes (say default and ElenaOne) and the ability to customize your theme, we can put out a version 2.0, and then flesh things out by adding the themes as a 2.1 version.

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