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Rick Barnard created an issue

Hey all, I just pushed the newest version of the class after Pascal implemented some things. Let me know issues with it. I would propose the goal is to get a couple of themes/backgrounds/title looks implemented in the next couple of months. I'll be on leave for most of October, so I'd prefer pushing onto ctan a 2.0 with at least two of Elena's poster styles in place. We could then ask the community (like stackexchange) for new styles and put something up also on texample. As things evolve, we can always push 2.x versions with new styles. I think the default style and one or two cool looking styles would work. So can Dirk and/or Elena work on implementing a style each? If you have questions, emailing me the specific issue is probably fastest and I can gradually evolve the documentation as you run into problems that aren't covered or stuff that is unclear.

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  1. Elena Botoeva

    Hi guys, first of all, great work!

    As for me, I finally installed git and started implementing several themes (mostly copy-pasting and then adjusting from the themes I had before). I am not very sure about the quality of the code, could be that in some places I use too heavy constructs (e.g., transform canvas), or with callout notes, the connection should be implemented in a proper way. We could discuss whether we want to improve the code, and how to do it.

    The themes can be found in file tikzposter-template.tex. Somehow \usetheme does not work, so there you see how these themes are made up.

    I also added my questions to file Questions.text.

  2. Rick Barnard reporter

    Hi everyone! The themes look great! We fixed alot of things and included responses in the Questions.txt to Elena's questions. I suggest we let this be the last use of Questions.txt. it's getting pretty big and we should probably use the issues from now on.

    Some basic comments.
    We split things up so that you have color palettes which are just your main colors and color themes which are how to use them. So now, you can use Elena's backgrounds but if you want Elena's Wave theme but with green and yellow, you just change the color palette, and the rest works from there.

    We also added some new options and made it so the user can specify block and note parameters on a block by block basis.

    I think the themes look really great. I still need to update the example and template, but that needs the form of the class to be done. Similarly, we haven't packaged up .dtx with the new files, so refer to it only for the documentation. Pascal and I were wondering if we should set up a website to show off the different styles out there? Something like Elena's site showing fancytikzposter? Also, if people have styles they want to submit/add, we could put up the commands on the site, which seems easiest.

    Does someone want to prune the color palettes and/or rename them? I'm pretty terrible with color schemes, so I don't think I'd be the one to decide on that.

    After that, and unless we have any more styles, I'll redo the template and example posters. And I think that'd be it for 2.0! From there, it's just submit, have someone put something up on texample and put out the word.

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