Movesense Connectivity sample App does not see the list of available devices

Issue #71 open
ets created an issue

I have take pack application from download repository and i have build with android studio, the issue is after installation on my phone and activation of Bleutooth ( i see the movesense device in the peripheral device list but ) I don't see the devices on Movesense Connectivity sample App. I push scan but after nothing, i turn off on the bleutooth but it's the same nothing. The movesense devices are new. the diode flashes red every 5 seconds, this is normal. I think the issue is in software sample for android studio.

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  1. Ton de Graaff

    Is your movesense connecting easily with the HRVelite app on Android? Please check!

    I have the same problem, probably.

  2. Petri Lipponen

    Have you enabled the Location permission for the app and Location services on the phone? Those are required in the new Androids.

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