[ANDROID] Battery query during acceleration streaming causes timestamps to jump

Issue #78 open
Klaus Förger created an issue


I would like to know the battery level during long acceleration recordings with subscribe on "Meas/Acc/52", but using GET on "/System/Energy" causes the sensor to return a wrong timestamp on one of the received acceleration packets.

To reproduce this, just subscribe to "Meas/Acc/52" and create a task repeating every 5 seconds with GET on "/System/Energy". This will produce similar jumps on the timestamps as in the attached plot with 5 second intervals. I was shaking the sensor steadily, so it seems that the four samples in the offending packet are valid data, but they just have approximately 100 millisecond offset in the timestamp.

I used Android mobile lib version 1.28.1 and firmware version 1.7.2. I tested with three different sensors attached one at a time to Samsung Galaxy S7, LG K8 (2017), and Nexus 5X phones, and the bug happens consistently on all the devices.

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