After Firmware 1.8.0 update no BT-connection?

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Eric Annema created an issue

I update on my Movesense the firmware to 1.8.0. Since then I hardly/never can connect wit BT to my sensor. I've tried it on multiple devices(LG- G3, Motot Z Play, Galaxy TAB 1 and changed batteries. After the update the red led on my sensor is not working correctly

How do I do a downgrade on the firmware and can install it on the sensor?

I use the movesense Showcase app 1.9.5 Library version 1.28.1 I also cannot see my sensor in the BT-settings on the previous mentioned 3 Android devices. With regards, Eric

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  1. Eric Annema reporter

    It seems like my battery is draining, I installed a fresh one and the connection is up.

    Maybe anyone can help me with the draining problem? With regards, Eric

  2. Petri Lipponen

    The firmware update may have accidentally enabled the serial port communication (UART). You can check that with the “tool icon” on top right in android showcase app (press GET UART to get the state, if it returns “true” it is on). The UART uses >2mA of current and drains the battery quite fast.

    If the sensor software is not staying on for long enough to flash the sensor, use the “DFU recovery mode”:

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