Loose connection to Movesense sensor when phone connected to Samsung Gear VR

Issue #83 open
Igor Protopopov created an issue

Hi Movesense team.

I am a developer from Arcadia https://arcadia.spb.ru/ and use Movesense sensors to create a new Android app using it.
My app based on the https://bitbucket.org/suunto/movesense-mobile-lib/src/master/android/
All works fine until I make this:
1.) Add this to the AndroidManifest
    android:value="vr_only" />

2.) Connect Android phone to the Samsung Gear VR
At this case Movesense sensor couldn’t be found from the app

We extremely required to connect Movesense while phone connected to the Samsung Gear VR and planning to make a commercial project and use Movesense sensors in it.
Please help us to resolve this problem.

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  1. Petri Lipponen

    Which context you have given to the MDS object? I’m guessing the Activity gets recycled / destroyed when the VR is enabled (similar to the screen rotate), that would explain the problem. I’d recommend Application-object or Service that is more permanent.

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