[ios] add Podfile to MovesenseApi

Issue #89 open
ilkka karjalainen created an issue

The MovesenseApi offers API to communicate with Movesense devices and hides the HTTP traffic from the user. Could the module to be made available as pod because I see no point to e.g extract communication constants from there to be used in my projects. Of course I could just copy the constants and paths but I would rather do things correctly and use MovesenseApi as pod.

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  1. Petri Lipponen

    I’ve added your request of MovesenseApi pod to the internal backlog.

    Also, just to clear possible misunderstandings: the MDS does not wrap HTTP traffic even if we’ve adopted a very REST-like interfaces on it. The Movesense sensor is communicating with Suunto’s “Whiteboard” protocol which has been designed specifically for extremely low power and memory environments.

  2. Johan

    Not sure if this is related (might be misunderstanding the issue raised), but ideally this should be published to cocoapods.

    So that way versions are correctly released. i.e. There’s one tag for a version and I don't feel comfortable using master as a “tag”.

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