iPhone SE, ios 13.3.1, latest Movesense Showcase App, fw 1.9.4 ===> wrong timestamps and data in json output

Issue #94 open
Patoz Aurélien created an issue


I was using the showcase app to record acceleration and gyroscope signals at the same time (using a single sensor) with a frequency of 208 Hz for both.
I am loosing data when using an iphone SE and the timestamps are lo longer ordered. (I am providing the output I am getting from the showcase app for the acceleration signal. The same errors are present in the gyroscope signal.)

When I used a lower sampling frequency of 104 Hz and the iphone SE, the timestamps are ok.

When I used an iphone X or an iphone 8 there is no problem at 208 Hz.

What do you think? It seems to be related to the BLE of the phone and not to the app as it works fine with iphone X

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  1. Petri Lipponen
    • changed status to open

    Thank you for the bug. We're looking into it.

    I tried this with Android Showcase App and did not notice similar issue, so this is probably something to do with the iOS showcase app.

  2. Patoz Aurélien reporter

    Thank you for the answer.

    Note that a company has created an ios app for us and we have the same problem. The default set up is recording of acceleration and gyroscope at 208 Hz.

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