Movesense low level API

Issue #95 wontfix
Igor Protopopov created an issue

I am planning to connect Movesense to Arduino with BLE Shield.
Where I can get deep protocol description to get position data from the Movesense? Do this information public?
On Android I have library mdslib-1.39.0(1)-release.aar that allows connection to Movesense, but have not able to get code from it, to create Arduino connection to Movesense, based on Android sample.

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  1. Petri Lipponen

    The whiteboard protocol that MDS uses to talk to sensor is Suunto internal (and not simple) protocol.

    To help with exactly this issue, Movesense sensor framework has a CustomGattService optional module that enables creating a “raw” GATT service on the sensor bypassing the MDS/Whiteboard.

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