Pythonidae curates decibans of Python libraries and resources for scientific programming and mathematical and statistical computing. Some resources listed here may also use other languages like Go, Java, Julia, R-language, etc.. in their codebase.


  • :: Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, Machine Learning, Neural, NLP.
  • :: Algorithms, Data Mining, Clustering, Data Structures, Linguistics, ...
  • :: API wrapper generators, other tools and bindings.
  • :: Bioinformatics, genomics, agriculture, food science, medicine, genetic engineering, Neuroscience, et. al...
  • :: Tools for continuous integration (CI), continuous delivery (CD), Packaging, release engineering (RE), release management (RM), software configuration management (SCM), etc...
  • :: Analytical chemistry, cheminformatics, crystallography, nanochemistry, nuclear chemistry, etc...
  • :: Plotting, Graphics and other Visualization tools.
  • :: NoSQL, RDBMS and Middleware API's.
  • :: software related to the subcategories of cartography, climatology, geobiology, geochemistry, geography, geoinformatics, geology‎, geophysics‎, geoscience/GIS, geomathematics, meteorology, oceanography, etc...
  • :: Mathematical software libraries, blogs, etc..
  • :: Cross-Platform Software and API for Hardware arch. (ARM, MIPS, GPU, CUDA), language API, HPC, and other libraries.
  • :: Software for HPC, Distributed and parallel Computing, Cloud computing/ infrastructure, Cluster computing, Grid computing, ...
  • :: Input/Output functionality and support for file formats.
  • :: OpenData, Free Data Sets.
  • :: software related to Physics.
  • :: Programming Paradigms and language concepts that are used in the type system, data types, file formats, etc..
  • :: software related to the explanation and prediction of behavior, thinking, emotions, motivations, relationships, potentials and pathologies.
  • :: Research papers, etc...
  • :: Test Driven Development, Sandbox, Functional/Regression/Unit testing, and other Quality-related tools.
  • :: blogs, cookbooks, cheatsheets, IPython NoteBooks, and other non-standard resources.
  • :: HTTP/Web Frameworks, Networking, and other server-side utils...
  • :: Statistical software, MOOC, tutorials, ...
  • :: Handy toolkits, User Interface software in Python and other general utilities for your Desktop.


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  • This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License - (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) as detailed in the file and ALL references, citations, copies and forks of this work must retain the Copyright, Licence ( file), this permission notice and must attribute credit.


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Contributing Guidelines

To submit a PR
  • Add your link as per the topic, in alphabetical order, with notes (if any) to the respective section in the markdown files.
  • For broken links or outdated information, submit a bug report, or make the necessary changes and submit a PR.
  • For Documentation and cookbooks, check if it matches the categories listed, else, list it on the page.
  • For those unable to use git, create a github account, fork the 'pythonidae' repo and edit the page by clicking on the "pencil" icon on the markdown page, then click on save and submit a PR. Github does this automatically in 8 steps.