Alexander Artemenko committed 2cefed5

Fix output when there are international characters in the code. New configuration option 'encoding = utf-8' was introduced.

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   highlight line numbers and the current line when showing the ``longlist`` of
   a function or when in **sticky mode**.
+``encoding = 'utf-8'``
+  file encoding. Useful when there are international characters in your string
+  literals or comments.
 ``sticky_by_default = False``
   determine whether pdb++ starts in sticky mode or not.
     truncate_long_lines = True
     exec_if_unfocused = None
     disable_pytest_capturing = True
+    encoding = 'utf-8'
     line_number_color = Color.turquoise
     filename_color = Color.yellow
         if not self._init_pygments():
             return src
         from pygments import highlight, lex
+        src = src.decode(self.config.encoding)
         return highlight(src, self._lexer, self._fmt)
     def format_line(self, lineno, marker, line):