This repo provides source code for an R package called 
echPhenology. This package contains functions that 
help the study of flowering phenology.

To get started using the package, go to the page
and download the master zip file (for Windows) or gz file 
(for Mac).

Then open R and select this menu option > Packages > Install
package(s) from local zip files...

Browse to the file you downloaded and select it. You
should get a message like this:
"package ‘echPhenology’ successfully unpacked and MD5 sums checked"

Then, at the command prompt, type

Type this to see if it loaded

You should see a help page. Look at the index link to see what
functions are available. Copy and paste the example code to see what

Let me know if you have any questions.

# 24 July 2013 I just made this repo public. If you install package
devtools, then you can use the following code to automatically 
install package echPhenology...

install_bitbucket("echPhenology", "swagenius")

# 15 April 2015 After you install package devtools, use the following code to automatically 
install package echPhenology and verify it's loaded...