ShelobPy: Python Document Text Extractor

ShelobPy is a simple Python driven package to read files of various formats and extract text that can be searched on.

Reads the following formats:
Word 97-2003 (doc files) Word 2007 on (docx files) PDF files HTML files Rich Text files Works (wps files) Open Office Text (odt files) Plain Text files

It's rather hackish and comes from another project I wrote in C called Shelob that did the same thing. I moved to Python as the code for the old project was a nightmare to install as it used various libraries that were either badly documented or would change their API with each minor revision.

As I only wanted to pull out terms that were used for searching I don't care if I don't pull out 100% of the terms or if there's some noise.

See the tests folder for an idea on how it works.


Copyright (C) 2012 South Wales Business Systems Ltd

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