Sweetbridge Deployed Contracts

This repository contains snapshots of the ABIs for all of the smart contracts used by the Sweetbridge Project corresponding to the versions deployed for our two active environments:

The sweetbridge-members-app repository, which has not been published as open source yet, follows the same git sub-module pattern as oracles.


In order to make the JSON files available to the deployer, there are 2 options:

  1. copy the JSON file from the truffle build folder to the contracts folder
  2. link the truffle build/contracts folder to build in the root of this repo

When requiring the JSON file for a contract, the function first looks in build and then in contracts. The advantage of linking the build folder from truffle is that after a successfull deployment, the address will be added to the existing list.

It is the responsibility of the developer to make sure that the JSON in build and contracts are the same. The function will assume this is the case and will not overwrite existing files.


In order to run the tests, start a ganache server with npm run start:evm and then run npm run test. Test settings are configured through environment variables and dotenv package is used. Edit .env file in order to change the settings.

TransferEvaluationOracle test

This test requires GRAPHQL_URL setting to be set and pointing to Postgraphile endpoint connected to ledger schema.

ledger schema should be populated with the fixtures before running the test.


We follow the semver standard in creating package versions. Each new development will be at least a minor release. As patch releases are reserved for fixing bugs.

If multiple versions are in development at the same time (this should be avoided) then multiple minor releases will have to coexist in the NPM repo. It must be guaranteed that the bigger version number includes the changes from the previous versions.

In order to know the state of a certain version we use tags for each version so that it is clear which version is the latest production grade.

Running tests

before starting the tests 2 services need to be started:

  1. ganache-cli - run with npm run start:evm
  2. graph QL -

once these are runing tests can be run with npm test