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The Quest in the Jabba Theme Park cannot accomplished.

"G-5PO says, "While you were out, Jabba the Hutt, Prince of Tatooine, has learned that Lady Valarian did not wish to execute Scrib Leras. Instead she wished to interrogate him, engaging the services of a most skilled interrogater. Jabba wishes you to extinguish the life of this interrogater to repay Lady Valarian for past trangressions."

Sounds easy enough. The interrogater is guared by three of Valarian's thugs (1200 HAM each), and he himself also has 1200 HAM. Take out the thugs, then teach the interrogater a lesson he'll never forget. Return to G-5PO for a reward of 1450 credits. "

After the NPC follows to Jabbas Palace, the NPC Stuck inside at the Gate behind Rello Baruk.

So it isnt possible the End the Quest

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  1. Vorgge

    Hey there,

    Thanks for your report first. Sometimes, this little glitches or bugs can happen, since swgemu core isn’t fully stable yet :(. Do you still have those problems? If yes, a simple server reboot could fix it, because many other players (me included) already finished Jabba without problems.

    Best regards, Vorgge

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