This repo contains my personal Emacs configuration.

Certain parts of this configuration depend on external tools that are not part of the Emacs ecosystem. For example, support for Python autocompletion requires the availability of specific Python libraries. The Makefile in the root of the repo can install (some of) these dependencies.

Although the configuration itself is independent of the OS, those external dependencies are not. The aforementioned Makefile is being developed and tested on Xubuntu 12.04 and 13.10. This does not mean the configuration will only work on those Linux distributions, but other distributions or OS'es may require some manual intervention.


The following describes one way, but not the only way, to install my Emacs configuration.

By default, Emacs looks for its configuration in directory ~/.emacs.d. It might be that that directory already exists. If that is the case, please create a backup of that directory first before you proceed.

We assume directory ~/.emacs.d does not exist yet (or does not exist anymore). Clone the configuration from Bitbucket to ~/.emacs.d:

$> git clone ~/.emacs.d

Emacs package management

The installation of Emacs packages that do not come with the standard version of Emacs, is managed by Cask, which has to be installed separately. To update the dependencies to their latest version, issue the following command from the root of this repo:

$> cask update