Sybren Stüvel committed 89ecfc3

Fixed CLI functions for Python 3.x

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 These scripts are called by the executables defined in
-from __future__ import with_statement
+from __future__ import with_statement, print_function
 import abc
 import sys
         keysize = int(cli_args[0])
     except ValueError:
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Not a valid number: %s' % cli_args[0]
+        print('Not a valid number: %s' % cli_args[0], file=sys.stderr)
         raise SystemExit(1)
-    print >>sys.stderr, 'Generating %i-bit key' % keysize
+    print('Generating %i-bit key' % keysize, file=sys.stderr)
     (pub_key, priv_key) = rsa.newkeys(keysize)
     # Save public key
     if cli.pubout:
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing public key to %s' % cli.pubout
+        print('Writing public key to %s' % cli.pubout, file=sys.stderr)
         data = pub_key.save_pkcs1(format=cli.form)
-        with open(cli.pubout, 'w') as outfile:
+        with open(cli.pubout, 'wb') as outfile:
     # Save private key
     data = priv_key.save_pkcs1(format=cli.form)
     if cli.out:
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing private key to %s' % cli.out
-        with open(cli.out, 'w') as outfile:
+        print('Writing private key to %s' % cli.out, file=sys.stderr)
+        with open(cli.out, 'wb') as outfile:
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing private key to stdout'
+        print('Writing private key to stdout', file=sys.stderr)
         indata = self.read_infile(cli.input)
-        print >>sys.stderr, self.operation_progressive.title()
+        print(self.operation_progressive.title(), file=sys.stderr)
         outdata = self.perform_operation(indata, key, cli_args)
         if self.has_output:
     def read_key(self, filename, keyform):
         '''Reads a public or private key.'''
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading %s key from %s' % (self.keyname, filename)
-        with open(filename) as keyfile:
+        print('Reading %s key from %s' % (self.keyname, filename), file=sys.stderr)
+        with open(filename, 'rb') as keyfile:
             keydata =
         return self.key_class.load_pkcs1(keydata, keyform)
         '''Read the input file'''
         if inname:
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading input from %s' % inname
+            print('Reading input from %s' % inname, file=sys.stderr)
             with open(inname, 'rb') as infile:
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading input from stdin'
+        print('Reading input from stdin', file=sys.stderr)
     def write_outfile(self, outdata, outname):
         '''Write the output file'''
         if outname:
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing output to %s' % outname
+            print('Writing output to %s' % outname, file=sys.stderr)
             with open(outname, 'wb') as outfile:
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Writing output to stdout'
+            print('Writing output to stdout', file=sys.stderr)
 class EncryptOperation(CryptoOperation):
         except rsa.VerificationError:
             raise SystemExit('Verification failed.')
-        print >>sys.stderr, 'Verification OK'
+        print('Verification OK', file=sys.stderr)
 class BigfileOperation(CryptoOperation):
         outfile = self.get_outfile(cli.output)
         # Call the operation
-        print >>sys.stderr, self.operation_progressive.title()
+        print(self.operation_progressive.title(), file=sys.stderr)
         self.perform_operation(infile, outfile, key, cli_args)
     def get_infile(self, inname):
         '''Returns the input file object'''
         if inname:
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading input from %s' % inname
+            print('Reading input from %s' % inname, file=sys.stderr)
             fobj = open(inname, 'rb')
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Reading input from stdin'
+            print('Reading input from stdin', file=sys.stderr)
             fobj = sys.stdin
         return fobj
         '''Returns the output file object'''
         if outname:
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Will write output to %s' % outname
+            print('Will write output to %s' % outname, file=sys.stderr)
             fobj = open(outname, 'wb')
-            print >>sys.stderr, 'Will write output to stdout'
+            print('Will write output to stdout', file=sys.stderr)
             fobj = sys.stdout
         return fobj