python-rsa / CHANGELOG.txt

Python-RSA changelog

Version 3.1 - in development

- Added ability to generate keys on multiple cores simultaneously.

Version 3.0.1 - released 2011-08-07

- Removed unused import of abc module

Version 3.0 - released 2011-08-05

- Changed the meaning of the keysize to mean the size of ``n`` rather than
  the size of both ``p`` and ``q``. This is the common interpretation of
  RSA keysize. To get the old behaviour, double the keysize when generating a
  new key.
- Added a lot of doctests

- Added random-padded encryption and decryption using PKCS#1 version 1.5

- Added hash-based signatures and verification using PKCS#1v1.5

- Modeling private and public key as real objects rather than dicts.

- Support for saving and loading keys as PEM and DER files.

- Ability to extract a public key from a private key (PEM+DER)

Version 2.0

- Security improvements by Barry Mead.